ICRS Summit Miami 2022 – The ICRS Summit on Joint Preservation – Where We Are in 2022

ICRS Summit Miami 2022 – The ICRS Summit on Joint Preservation – Where We Are in 2022

Please join us in beautiful Miami Florida USA in November 2022 for our Summit conference. We will focus on Joint Preservation for our young active patients who wish to have an active lifestyle and preserve their native joints. The intent of the Summit is to renew and encourage young surgeons to treat their patients with the surgical techniques that have been developed over the past 20 years in cartilage repair with the management of background factors, that will result in successful and positive outcomes for our patients. In the mid-1990s, cartilage repair included micro-fracture, mosaicplasty, and Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (ACI) which led to the concept of tissue engineering and the promise of biological preservation of joints. The ICRS was founded in 1997 and as a result, tremendous optimism for the future of biological preservation of joints emerged both in the lab, and clinically. However, prosthetic arthroplasty has continued to increase in prevalence despite a 20 to 25% patient dissatisfaction after arthroplasty. Biologic injectables including stem cells, HA, and PRP, continue to expand, whereas biological preservation through reconstruction only occurs in certain parts of the world despite the founding of the ICRS over 20 years ago.

Our Summit will emphasize on the positive surgical techniques, rehabilitation protocols, and new biological adjuvants such as HA, PRP, BMAC, stem cells, and new industry-sponsored adjuvants that will enhance outcomes and your clinical practice. This will promise to be an exciting meeting. We encourage you to join us in Miami. See you there!

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nov. 17 - 19 2022


All Day


Miami, Florida