The Meniscus – 5th International Conference on Meniscus Science and Surgery (Hybrid event)

The Meniscus – 5th International Conference on Meniscus Science and Surgery (Hybrid event)

In 2010, the first edition of „THE MENISCUS” was held in Ghent (Belgium) under the lead of Rene Verdonk and Philippe Beaufils. It was the first congress which was exclusively devoted to the meniscus. Its goal was to share international expertise in order to concentrate and update the knowledge on this small piece of human tissue which is an important cornerstone of joint preservation. Although meniscus surgery was extremely frequent, science around the meniscus, its injuries or lesions and related surgical procedures was often underrepresented at meetings and even in the scientific literature. Hence, it deserved to be promoted and the sub-title of the congress „From Cradle to Rocker” reflected this desire to cover all related topics, from basic research to clinical practice. The spirit of the first congress was reinforced during the following editions: Versailles in 2013, Porto in 2016 and Bologna in 2019.

Because of the big activity around the meniscus among European surgeons and scientists, we wanted this congress to be a forum of ideas illustrating the quality of surgical and research teams from our continent. As there is no progress without stimulation and emulation, we have always intended to confront our ideas by inviting world-renowned teams from America or Asia. The heart of Europe, however, remains the DNA of „THE MENISCUS”, so it was only natural that we chose Luxembourg, home of the headquarters of many Institutions of the European Community and of ESSKA. Luxembourg is a very strong symbol and the ideal place to represent the spirit of Europe.

We have revisited the entire program to convince you that nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting. Our primary aim is to bring added value for your physical presence at the congress so we are making a point on promoting heavily social interactions as well as practical, hands-on sessions during this congress.

For delegates who will not be able to join Luxembourg, lectures will be available via an online platform few weeks after the congress. The platform will remain accessible until the next congress. We would like to build a permanent ‘MENISCUS FORUM’ where networking can continue between the physical congresses. This `MENISCUS FORUM` will thus be regularly updated with new videos as well as the latest news about the meniscus.

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ian. 13 - 15 2022


All Day